23 Minute Active Static Abs Workout – At Home Abs Burnout Routine

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55 thoughts on “23 Minute Active Static Abs Workout – At Home Abs Burnout Routine

  1. Thanks for the hard work and dedication FitnessBlender you guys put into
    your videos! Thanks to you guys, I lost over 60 lbs! Keep it up!

  2. Hey guys I’ve lost 35 pounds just working out on your amazing videos. I
    really appreciate it, thank you for helping me go through this. I’m now
    gonna do this workout ? wish me luuuuuck!!!!!!

  3. my abs were on FIRE. You can really tell the difference when you do these
    workouts while contracting your abs vs. relaxing them. Always gotta
    remember to contract! hold! let the abs burrnnn

    • I prefer their videos without the music. It feels less of a gimmick and
      more professional/serious. Plus I get to hear him/her better, and feel more
      connected to the instructor, overall making it feel like they are there
      with me. With no music both sides can have it their way. If it had included
      music, those who don’t want it, would have to completely mute the video,
      thus not even hearing the instructions.

    • You could add a cardio routine before the actual abs workout ,more
      effective ,and more intense .That worked for me,it makes the workout more
      fun .

  4. Loved it! I added a round at the end of active side hip raises and static
    side plank to round out the obliques and it was perfect!

    • Abdominals are no different than any other muscle and require rest days to
      repair and rebuild. Every other day should give you that needed rest time :

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