52 Minute Intense Fat Burning Cardio Intervals and Butt and Thigh Workout

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37 thoughts on “52 Minute Intense Fat Burning Cardio Intervals and Butt and Thigh Workout

  1. Let us know what you think; Which cardio interval was the hardest for you?
    Which was your favorite lower body strength exercise? Did you finish the
    entire workout? Do you think you’ll be sore the next day? I was! What do
    you want to see next?

  2. Wow and I thought I would casually do FBFIT round 2 on top of fbbooty and
    fbabs oh my word I’m already dead and about to do extra credits. I. LOVE.
    YOU. GUYS. Thank you so much

  3. 15:00 – Well, this isn’t so hard.
    25:00 – * Insert some bad words here *
    Completed – Oh, it went well finally!
    5 min after – Wow, my legs are still shaking like crazy when I’m walking
    = Perfect workout :D

  4. I really like this work out! I’m not a beginner, but still not a pro. I’m
    just starting to get a hang of different work outs and with focus on
    different areas! I really love your videos, it makes me love to work out
    even more! Keep up the good work guys – both Kelli and Daniel, but also all
    the others who watch your videos and work out with you (Y)

  5. Did this earlier! Gosh, I wanted to stop at 20:00 but I was like “Girl, no
    pain, no gain.” I was dying HAHAHAHHA But I did it anyways. Will do this
    again next week and try to do this without stopping :)

  6. For those of you that (like myself) think that if a workout doesn’t say
    “HIITT” or “brutal strenght superset”it will be kinda easy, DON’T BE
    FOOLED! This is legit insane. In a good way, though

    • yeah! Lifting not only gave me muscle, but it also gave me happiness. I
      felt a burn that I hd never felt before, plus I got to burn off stress

    • +j. i. Lifting will NOT make a woman look manly. It will make you look
      super feminine. A lot of women think they’ll end up looking bulky by
      lifting, it’s a common misconception. We don’t produce enough testosterone
      to look like body builders. Look at Kelli, she lifts and has an amazing
      physique! Don’t be scared, lifting really does wonders to a nice and toned

  7. “Good job guys, this workout is complete” – Kindest works spoken by Kelli
    in this whole routine 😀
    Tomorrow I will feel this for sure

  8. Thanks Kelli and Daniel. I’ve been doing your workouts now for over a year
    and find them very challenging and interesting. I trust you both to give
    good cues so I don’t hurt myself and your continual reminder to go with
    technique first is reassuring. Thank you thank you from a 63 year old lady!

  9. I’ve been doing the FBbooty workout and this was the last workout of the 4
    week segment and I cannot believe I got through it and didn’t quit like I
    normally would have. I remember when I did my first FBbooty workout 4 weeks
    ago, I could only get through half of the workout. Now look at me! I’m so
    proud! Thank you both for helping me get into great shape! On to start
    FBabs in two days! <3

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