At Home Cardio Workout For People Who Get Bored Easily – Fun Fat Burning Cardio

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41 thoughts on “At Home Cardio Workout For People Who Get Bored Easily – Fun Fat Burning Cardio

    • This was so much fun! I love that you guys are churning out more
      brain-pumping workouts! Whether it’s dynamic strength or HIIT, I always
      feel much more tired after your routines where I have to be mindful the
      entire time of what I’m doing, especially switching sides/alternating each
      rep. Definitely adding this one to my fb calendar 🙂

  1. Brand new! Fat Burning Cardio Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily @ Our signature “for people who get bored easily”
    workouts all share the same theme; they are comprehensive, well rounded
    routines that use a very large range of exercises – no repeat exercises at
    all, to be exact. Fat burning cardio exercises makeup this fast moving
    bodyweight routine & we have included low impact modifications in order to
    make it approachable for a wider range of fitness levels.

    These exercises all utilize balance, range of motion, coordination,
    agility, and endurance. Treadmill and elliptical workouts only dream of
    being this functional, versatile and effective! This cardio workout
    requires only your bodyweight, and it can be done anywhere. Upper body and
    core are all engaged moderately throughout, and many of these are excellent
    butt and thigh exercises; you are definitely going to feel it in your lower
    body! Earn your Workout Complete 100% free @

  2. Hello! My name is ‘Girl Who Ate Bag of Chips Before Doing This Workout.’ I
    am here to tell you that earning that name was not worth it, and I was
    dangerously close to being named, ‘Girl Who Vomited a Bag of Chips’
    instead. Thank you.

  3. I must of had a shockingly bad breakfast because I was lacking all kinds of
    energy there and no motivation 🙁 now I feel like poo because I didn’t give
    it my all 🙁 we all have bad days though and I’ll get up and do better
    tomorrow! We can achieve anything ????

  4. So excited to to this one! I realized that on the extensive description it
    says “Did you like this new cardio workout for busy people? ” and it threw
    me off lol until I realized you probably meant people who get bored easily
    (me). Thanks for this :)

    • +Anna-Lisa Hackett I had the same problem on my heels, then I realize it
      was because my lower body doesn’t have enough muscle and strength to
      exercise, so I unconsciously used my heels to lift my body, which hurts it.
      Then I started some more weight training to strengthen my muscle, it got

    • +Tash Thompson I also used to have issues with my knees hurting afterwards
      (still do if i don’t exercise correctly) but, when I started engaging my
      core, butt and thigh muscles to do EVERY exercise, especially when pulling
      yourself up…my knees no longer hurt from the strain. Although, I still
      stay away from lunges. They have always been uncomfortable since I was
      young so, I just substitute them with another leg exercise.

    • I had the same problem because I had so little muscle in my legs that my
      knees paid the price. I found wrapping my knees in a ace bandage helps a

    • +Tash Thompson There’s no reason you should have knee pain for days after
      our workouts, or any knee pain during the exercises.You will want to talk
      to your doctor or physical therapist (or anyone who has your actual health
      information & history). With that said, you may want to modify to make
      everything low impact for a while – it could just be a matter of needing to
      build more baseline strength & a stronger grip on the exercises. Avoid
      exercises that cause actual pain (don’t push through it).

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