Brutal HIIT Workout – Bodyweight Only HIIT Workout to Burn Fat and Build Endurance

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55 thoughts on “Brutal HIIT Workout – Bodyweight Only HIIT Workout to Burn Fat and Build Endurance

  1. Fantastic workout! Im glad I didnt start this workout when I was obese (5
    foot 5 inch, 200 lbs), but now at 5 foot 5 inch 141 lbs, I was able to
    successfully do this workout! However, I may need to replace my arms and
    legs now that Ive completed the workout XD

    • +Maryam M
      Yeah, it always does. it seems that we have the “star jump” in here which
      makes lot of person makes cry. I can’t wait!!

  2. I have a mind trick for routines with multi-exercise HIIT groups. The first
    time through, make a mental note of the ‘easier’ exercises in the group,
    ex. jumping jacks, side lunges. Then, when you repeat the groups, only
    worry about the tough exercises, ex. burpees, star jumps. The others are
    your easy, recovery exercises. This trick makes the groups seem less
    intimidating. This was still a rough routine, but break it down the sets,
    modify the exercises when you need to and you can push through!

  3. Just wanted to send a BIG thank you for all that you’re doing! You have
    helped me so much with my struggle when it comes to body-image and
    psychical activity. I’ll do this exercise later this week for sure. Just
    wanted to ask you Kelly; I read that you have stopped doing HIIT, how come?
    Your body is literally goals and something I strive towards. Can you please
    share how you usually workout? I know you have done another video already
    about your weekly activity, but I guess it have changed a bit since last
    time? Again, thank you so much! Hope I can get a respond this time! :)

  4. i am always wondering if i have burnt 270 calories or 786 calories… im
    gonna kill myself if i just burned 268 calories after this killing workout

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