Butt and Thigh Workout – Glutes, Calves, Outer and Inner Thigh Workout

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37 thoughts on “Butt and Thigh Workout – Glutes, Calves, Outer and Inner Thigh Workout

  1. lol I don’t even do any of these exercises but I like seeing it on my
    newsfeed every morning. Im getting close to actually doing them!

  2. These guys are the best. Compared to the “ripped” Beachbody employees and
    all those so called Zumba fitness DVD’s that everyone buy…

    Kelli and Daniel have great workouts + videos discussing important topics
    such as the so called Thigh Gap, and it’s all just good content that you
    can easily find around youtube for free.

    I mean, I dunno bout you guys, but I’d do Fitness Blender Workouts rather
    than buy P90X… ;)

  3. My gosh, Kelly is a machine. It’s my second day and still can’t complete
    the whole rutine. I’m on my way tho’! Thanks a lot for these videos, guys
    🙂 Gosh, I’m tired! Haha.

    • If you pair this routine with a bit of cardio or a calorie deficit you will
      lose weight. But with a normal, balanced diet it should help build muscle 🙂

  4. I love your workouts but do you have a video for lower abdomen area and how
    often should I do this this workout to start see result

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