Day 5 of the Workout Challenge for Busy People / HIIT + Butt and Thigh Workout

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32 thoughts on “Day 5 of the Workout Challenge for Busy People / HIIT + Butt and Thigh Workout

  1. Thank you for these. This is the first online series I’ve actually enjoyed.
    I love how informal and natural you are. Day 5 was the hardest, Day 1 I
    felt the most, and I liked Day 4 the best.

  2. Day 1 definitely caused the most soreness. I took a two day break between
    days 2 and 3 because I couldn’t move much. I finished though, and I love
    how different each day is. I liked the first two days the most. And I love
    how I am surprised by being sore because it doesn’t feel like too much
    torture but is apparently still very effective. Sneezing hurts today and my
    abs are sore to the touch. But I’m still glad I did it!

  3. Day 5 Completed!!! I really enjoyed this challenge, it was amazing to start
    off summer vacation. I would love to have another challenge for this
    summer, thanks FitnessBlender!!!?

  4. i really enjoyed this 5 day challenge! Loved how it was like 30 min or
    less, it motivated me to work out actually each day.. please make more 5
    day challenges!

  5. this was the hardest workout! I enjoyed the upper body strength training
    the most. I will be checking out your channel for more of these!

  6. Day 5 was def the hardest for me!!! Upper body sooooooore! For days!
    Anyways this was great and I’m going to try a 5 day challenge every week
    and rest on weekend or just go on a run to rest:))) thanks guys I’m loving
    my results!

  7. Just finished the 5 day work out and I am speechless at how good I feel
    about myself even though it was just 5 days. I have been working out with
    you guys for just shy of a month now after a friend referred me to your
    website. I was at the point in my life where over a span of 8 years after
    losing 100 pounds needed the strength training to tone my body and Cardio
    routines that were not running/swimming all the time. I had no idea what to
    do or where to begin. Going to the gym makes me anxious because I felt I
    didn’t know what I was doing and all the info available online was
    overwhelming and all different. I was also not comfortable people watching
    me work out. Your videos have taught me so much and I feel like I am
    learning something new about my body every time (compared with machines
    where Its the same repeated motion over and over) and this has built up my
    confidence and I never have to leave the house so I cant make excuses for
    myself. A new attitude needed to be brought to the fitness world and I am
    so thankful you guys have come foreword with this and your website. You
    have made being healthy and fitness something everyone should have the
    chance to have access too no matter how much money is in their pocket or
    their ability level. I would have not been able to afford a personal
    trainer anytime in the near future and not much money to buy gym equipment
    for home but Goodwill is awesome for buying weights and I have purchased
    some now for future routines. This has also changed my attitude towards
    fitness. Now I get excited and look foreword to working out because of the
    vast variety of work outs I never get bored and I can design a routine that
    fits my body and my personality which can be rare to find. I was most soar
    on the 1st and 5th day and my favorite routines were I also want to say as
    a side note how down to earth, caring, and real you guys seem (as weird as
    that sounds) . I got the wrong assumption from how media portrays fitness
    trainers. I always assume they never get soar or tired etc because their
    already fit or its made out to seem fitness trainers are intimidating and
    scary lol. Seeing you both get tired and soar and pushing yourselves helped
    me feel less alone and inadequate in feeling that and also helped me push
    further through times when I wanted to stop. Little things during the
    routines like saying ‘keep going’ ‘push yourself’ ‘almost done’ can make a
    big impact and made it very personable or it did for me at least. Its nice
    you guys can crack a smile and laugh occasionally too which lightens the
    mood a bit lol. Ok ill stop sounding like an infomercial and end this book.
    Thank you guys for everything I am going to share fitness blender with as
    many people as possible and the second I get money for your programs you
    offer I am purchasing(which is at an extremely reasonable price as well!)
    and I look forward to working out again soon!

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