Fat Blasting Booty Builder – HIIT Cardio and Strength Training Workout

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33 thoughts on “Fat Blasting Booty Builder – HIIT Cardio and Strength Training Workout

    • I bought Golds Gym adjustable weights at Walmart for fairly cheap they go
      up to 25 and down to five, and i bought one set of 8 lbs and these have
      been working perfectly for me! They take up practically no space at all.
      Plus you can work out whenever you want!

    • +safaira1 Just to chime in a bit, a few dollar stores in my area sell some
      nice dumbbells if you don’t feel like buying a whole set.

    • +safaira1 I would recommend buying weights – there’s so much stuff at a gym
      that you don’t need, and working out at home is so much more convenient.
      Plus, it’s way cheaper in the long run to invest in a good set of weights
      than it is to pay a gym membership every month indefinitely. Just my $.02

  1. So I bought the 2 week Fitness Blender Workout plan, because it was pretty
    cheap and 2 weeks, I wanna see much how progress I can make. This is the
    first day and Im a totally beginner. Just the warm up had me sweating
    bullets. Can’t wait for day 2!!

  2. You know when you love +FitnessBlender when Kelli says: “Go to your happy
    place” and you think: “But this *is* my happy place – working out with you

  3. When I played soccer when we would do little “competition” things in
    practices, whoever lost had to do those star jumps, except we called them
    ‘pink fluffy stars’ because you had to say “I’m a pink fluffy star!” while
    doing them. Totally forgot about that until I saw this. lol

  4. I think I started out too heavy. By the time the star jump lunge set
    came…I couldn’t get off of the ground. at the wide deadlift, my quads and
    gluts were shaking lol

    • +SoLeslie Go to their website and you can set up a calender with different
      workouts each day. No need to wait for them to post a new video on youtube.

    • +SoLeslie Yeah! Watching their videos (and some other fitness YouTubers)
      convinced me that I really do not need to spend any money to lose weight…
      unless it’s food, some nice dumbbells/kettlebells, or new workout clothes
      when my current ones get too loose. 😀 No more Weight Watchers, fancy
      weight loss drinks, etc.

  5. Workout complete :-). I wanted to do more cardio, so instead of the
    20-10-20 intervals I did 50 second intervals of the cardio exercises
    between the strength exercises. Makes the cardio bit much harder, so
    perhaps this is a tip for others who want to up the cardio intensity as
    well :-)

  6. Yes!!! I’ve finally finished a long one after 2 months of not doing HIIT
    (for the first month, I practiced volleyball, but on the second one, I
    didn’t get very much exercise because my volleyball went down the sewer.
    But, I did ran 1 mile for a week in P.E. and practiced volleyball, too, but
    it’s been getting colder, so we aren’t going out to run anymore). I just
    kind of lost my motivation after a couple months of exercising with
    Blogilates and you guys and not seeing results. I started at 122 and
    couldn’t get past 120lbs after that. It could possibly be puberty and
    gaining weight to develop breasts, and wider hips that my body isn’t
    allowing me to lose very much weight. I just turned twelve, by the way. I
    don’t want to get illnesses from becoming overweight or obese. I have made
    up my mind to become vegan when I get my own job and earn my own money
    since being vegan is costly and my mom is a single mother right now
    considering my dad is going to prison, so money is precious right now.

  7. question: they gave min calories 208 and I burned only 118 ( I have Fitbit
    watch ). I did the hole workout so what is wrong me or the watch?

  8. Ow. That hurt at 5:30am! Any top tips for deadlifts? I find that despite
    keeping my back flat etc, I still feel it in my back more than my glutes?

    Also more alternating strength / HIIT combos please!

  9. I love Fitnessblender because I get a great workout without getting
    injuries. I have had three kids and am 40 years old. I was sick of being
    fat and started training two year ago. I tried a famous very strenuous
    workout and ended up with a painful protruding bulge because of a recti
    split I didn’t know I had. I switched to Fitnessblender and am now in the
    best shape of my life. 

    • +T. Greenhough Totally agree! I did have success with Jillian Michael’s
      videos. But those were the only other ones. Beach body annoys me to no end.
      I don’t want to stare at a woman in a bikini for 40 minutes every single

  10. I love fitness blender more than anything because of all the hard work they
    go through to make thousands of fitness videos free for the public. I swear
    I owe my entire journey of fitness to these 2 ppl. I’ve gone through so
    many DVDs by beach body and others but I always come back to fitness
    blender because of how honest and helpful they are. Not to mention for the
    motivation and the real results! You guys helped me gt through so much and
    taught me evey basic thing I needed to know about training! Keep it up! 

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