Fat Burning Cardio Bootcamp – Cardio Butt and Thigh Workout (with Low Impact Modifications)

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45 thoughts on “Fat Burning Cardio Bootcamp – Cardio Butt and Thigh Workout (with Low Impact Modifications)

  1. what are the best workout sneakers for you guys? Im having a hard time with
    my own because they make my feet uncomfortable whenever I do cardio :(

  2. Awesome workout Kelli but I also couldn’t help noticing your workout top! I
    love it! If you dont mind telling, where’d you get it?

  3. Hey FitnessBlender. I’m currently trying to lose weight and lowering my
    calories to (trying) max of 1200 calories a day. Sometimes well under that,
    with a mix of cardio ( 25 minute HIIT in morning and one hour of dancing in
    the evening). I’m 13 years old, about 120 pounds, trying to lose most of my
    fat around all of my body. I know you guys comment all the time eating
    under 1200 calories is a big bad mistake, but why when I tried eating to at
    least 1500 calories, I saw my stomach fat stretch back to its size when I
    first started? Eating the less calories helped me so I’m confused. Also,
    I’m fasting for religious reasons until July 6, dawn to dusk, and my mom
    makes me barely exercise. It’s either 15-20 minutes max or no, and that
    wouldn’t really help. I guess I just need advice from you or even anyone
    else. Thank you!

    • Hey, I know I am not fitnessblender but I can help! Instead of focusing on
      the amount of calories you eat, focus on how healthy your food is and only
      eating until you’re full. Trust me doing that is way more helpful than
      counting calories and I speak from experience. Also, along with hiit you
      can do strength training, it really helps a lot with building muscle while
      losing weight. But remember, you are just 13, so go easy on yourself! Hope
      this helped

  4. I loved seeing this new routine online this morning. Just about finished,
    doing the very last interval! Thank you so much guys, this really kicks ass
    but I can do it ? just what I need. I just finished a 30 minute hiit
    before this one.
    Thanks again, much love! xxxx

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