Fitness Blender’s 5 Day Challenge – Strong and Lean – Day 4

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42 thoughts on “Fitness Blender’s 5 Day Challenge – Strong and Lean – Day 4

  1. it just hit me, day 4 means there’s only one day left 🙁 should be happy
    but no I don’t want it to end just yet! Have a busy day ahead but will do
    everything I can to fit this workout into it! no rest days!

    • +1111italia1111 Okay. I cheated a bit. I’ve been doing all of these
      backwards. Plus I like to do them one segment at the time. Hopefully the
      fitness police won’t come after me on that one.

  2. Laughed so much on how much i messed up on the stutter jacks! 25:30 i was
    like wait what, what’s going on here… why isn’t this working… my mind
    just wasnt functioning properly ?

    • +iamsomeone laughoutloud I always nail the arms, but my legs are rather
      stubborn and don’t want to stutter, so I end up totally messed up with the
      top half doing stutter jacks and the bottom half on auto-pilot doing
      regular ones!

  3. i noticed that in the 5 day challenge workouts your calorie estimation
    varies more than usual, especially the lower end is way lower that usual or
    is that just my impression? about 250 calories whilst working out about an
    hour? or is this the estimation for the low impact version all the way
    through the workouts?
    i was just wondering what my calorie burn would be if i sticked to the
    advanced versions and lifted quite similar to Kelly, 5’6 ft and 134 lbs?

    • +EspritsLove It’s because there is a low impact workout alternative in
      there as well; it’s essentially a different workout, so the range is larger.

  4. Oh thank God I thought you guys weren’t going to upload today lol!!! Please
    continue to make these 5 day challenges because they are so motivating!

  5. I don’t know which Day was more intense, Day 1 or Day 3, but I’m going to
    keep pushing. I will defintely be doing this challenge again. I know I will
    see results. Thanks alot!!!

  6. Not as jumpy as yesterday, thank goodness because my legs are a bit heavy.
    Only one day left and I can spend the weekend with just yoga.
    I’m tired and sore but surprisingly my body is holding on. More
    importantly, I’m feeling great!

  7. Day 4 workout complete! This was such a good semi-restorative workout. I
    lost my co-ordination on the lateral jumps with knee, and the bridge kick
    toe touch: Bridge-kick-down- legs up-crunch, that was embarrassing. I also
    thought the 3,2,1 lunges were actually 321 lunges I was like, You What?

    The yoga cool down was B-E-A-UUUUTIFUL. My wish was granted yaaay!!! But
    I’m scared that we’ll end the week the way we started. BURNOUT. Don’t want
    it to end.

    Shout out to the fitness blender followers that have been sharing their
    progress everyday this week, You’re all awesome!!

    • Hahaha had to grin at your 321 lunges:D yeah, although I’m very exhausted,
      I don’t want it to end either. I just love working out with them together.
      And it’s also a great feeling to know that you’re doing these five days
      simultaneously together with other people. Great job!

  8. Love this workout.The routines are challenging and effective. The banter
    between you two makes me laugh.Thanks for keeping me motivated. You guys
    are amazing!

  9. I loved this workout. Great blend of strength, cardio and stretch. Plus,
    you guys are so entertaining when you’re both in the video. Love your silly

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