High Low Cardio Intervals – Fun At Home Total Body Workout

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27 thoughts on “High Low Cardio Intervals – Fun At Home Total Body Workout

  1. You often say that i need strength training as much as HIIT/Cardio. Can I
    count this workout also as strength training for my legs, or do i need to
    add an extra lower body strength video to my training plan? (male, 22

  2. Thank you for this channel, I do your workouts almost everyday and
    appreciate how real you guys are. I’d love to see longer full length
    workouts, ones where you combine HIIT and strength training, like the ones
    around 40-60 mins.

  3. This was fun! I wanted something quick before I went out for the weekend
    but not make me so tired I can’t go have fun! This was perfect! You can
    even make it all High if you wanted to! Great job guys! 

  4. Instead of doing an intense hour I’ve decided to split it up a bit. I’m
    going to be following short videos 3 times a day. Just completed this one
    this morning! Feels awesome. Will do another at non and a final on in the
    evening Monday-Friday. The weekends will consist of my usual intense hour!
    Kind of like a nice challenge for the weekends! Love these videos!

  5. At first I was like dang no talk over videos. But I find I like to hear the
    huffing and puffing when I am working out. Makes me work harder. 

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