HIIT Cardio, Abs and Yoga Workout – Fun Mashup with Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Options

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29 thoughts on “HIIT Cardio, Abs and Yoga Workout – Fun Mashup with Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Options

  1. I have never left a comment and I should have a long time ago. . I really
    hope you do read your comments. I ABSOLUTELY love you both! In the last 2
    years you have been my motivation! I have lost over 65 pounds and continue
    to do your videos and watch all your informational videos. I just want to
    say thank you! I tell everyone about your videos! No other work out videos
    are even close to being as great as yours. Thank you for changing my life.
    Thank you so much! 

    • We try to read as many comments as we can because you guys are so
      motivating! Congrats on your 65 lbs lost & all of the healthy changes
      you’ve made, and thank you so much for sharing Fitness Blender!

  2. We’re working on the video announcement that reveals all of the surprises
    and new features that we’ve been working on for you behind the scenes.
    We’ll finally be able to tell you about all of the new website features, &
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  3. I’ve been following you guys for over a year and I swear I’ve never been
    soooo sweaty. Thanks for all the amazing workouts. You’re awesome!!!

  4. You guys are great. A big part of the fun of Fitness Blender is deciding
    which workout to do in the morning because that sense of keeping things
    fresh is great motivation to come back every day! I used to loathe burpees,
    but now they’re one of my favorite exercises to do because they are snuck
    into so many of your different HIIT videos!

  5. This is my all time favorite video. I love the 20 min of HIIT, then
    yoga/pilates and stretch cool down to finish up. You guys are fun to
    workout with. Thank you

  6. This is my go-to workout when I don’t FEEL like doing HIIT, but I SHOULD be
    doing HIIT. It’s fun, the HIIT is short and I get rewarded with yoga at the
    end. Win-win! It usually makes me so energetic that I end up doing more by
    the time it’s done. So triple win?! Seriously awesome routine – I really
    enjoy the mashups personally.

  7. Hey guys, my little sister just got ACL surgery today, and she is a pretty
    active person and bummed that she can’t do a whole lot of the types of
    exercises she normally does. She really likes your HIIT and cardio videos,
    which is saying something since she’s usually frustrated by workout videos,
    and I was wondering if it was possible if you guys could make some sort of
    good cardio/HIIT video for her that utilized the upper body. Normally I
    would just tell her to take it easy, but the surgeon botched the surgery
    and chipped her patella by accident so she’ll be out of commission even
    longer than she would have been originally. She doesn’t know yet (because
    we thought it would make her more upset) so I thought if she at least had a
    workout she could do that’d be a nice consolation.

    Oh, and this workout was awesome! Worked up a great sweat; squats are
    amazing. Thank you for kicking my butt!

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