Little Black Dress Boot Camp – Total Body Sculpting Workout

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22 thoughts on “Little Black Dress Boot Camp – Total Body Sculpting Workout

  1. Such a great routine ❗️short and effective – attacks the whole body. Fun,
    challenging and interesting moves that keep you engaged. As a busy mom –
    this kind of routines are very useful. So so grateful.

  2. thx u fitness Blender i used to carry alot of weight and by adding your
    workouts to my life style now i can see great changes in my body and myself
    esteem is high now i never felt that way before and kelly u r beautiful thx
    u all :)

  3. +FitnessBlender love this work out! it’s definitely a challenge but i need
    it! except i have a quick question, should i eat before or after doing this
    exercise?? and how long should i wait between the my meals and exercises???
    thank you so much!!

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