New: Fitness Blender’s Booty Boot Camp – 4 Week Butt & Thigh Program

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This is a booty building, butt lifting, thigh toning plan that will leave you with a killer lower body, as well as reduced body fat, improved cardiovascular endurance, increased lean muscle mass, functional strength, flexibility and balance. This 4 week plan uses 3 intense workouts a week to reshape your lower body and bring about quick changes to your overall fitness level. Strength training and HIIT are the main training styles in this program, though Pilates, Barre, yoga, stretching, and plyometrics all make appearances.

Workouts are scheduled three days a week (roughly every other day), and average out to 38 minutes a day. Dumbbells are recommended but not absolutely necessary. As an added bonus, the core (abs, obliques & lower back) is heavily engaged throughout the very dynamic exercises found in these workouts, so you will likely find that you’re seeing rapid changes in your belly fat and the tone of your midsection, as well as in your lower body. Make sure to take “before and after” photos so that you can see the difference in 4 weeks!

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26 thoughts on “New: Fitness Blender’s Booty Boot Camp – 4 Week Butt & Thigh Program

  1. Will this program help slim the outside and inner area of my thighs? My
    legs got a bit bulkier from running XC and even though my stomach got
    flatter, my legs got bigger so I’m trying to increase cardio and I just
    want to know if this is going to help me not only get a bigger butt, but
    smooth and slim down the outline of my thighs

  2. Im really interested in doing this program. I do need some advise because i
    dance an mondays thursdays fridays and sundays. How do i combine dancing
    and the program. On what days should i do the program workouts?

  3. Great!! I love your programs and I have been doing them for years.
    I’m hoping that you make one for upper body too. Thanks love you guys!! ❤❤❤

  4. I know you have tons of awesome free videos, but since I know you work
    very, very hard for us (and it shows) I decided to buy this one to show my
    support! 🙂 Now I just need to figure out your new website and arrange my
    schedule – thank you Kelli and Daniel – can’t wait to try it out!

  5. Can’t wait to purchase this! I’ve been doing my own booty blasting weekly
    routines with your workouts three times a week and I’ve seen such great
    results. Can’t wait to tone up even more! 

  6. Awesome! Will you guys ever make a workout music playlist on Spotify or
    something for people to optionally play during your workouts? I think you
    guys would have good taste. ^^

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